Hokkaido Sun Guest House

We are a small, comfortable and convenient dormitory-style guesthouse in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.


2-21, West 6, North 23
North district
Sapporo City


Phone: 011 + 374 8115 (from inside Japan); 81 + 11 + 374 8115 (from outside Japan)
Fax: 011 + 374 8115 (from inside Japan); 81 + 11 + 374 8115 (from outside Japan)
Email: Info@hokkaido-sun.com; Website: http://hokkaido-sun.com

Tariff (price)


The tariff (price per person per night) covers a simple breakfast, which guests can consume in the lounge.

Guests are required to pay for their reserved nights on arrival (on checking in).

You can pay by cash or by American Express, MasterCard, or VISA.


Check in: from 15.00 to 22.00 (from 3 pm to 10 pm).

Check out: from 07.30 to 10.00 (from 7.30 am to 10 am). An earlier check out time is possible by prior arrangement.

Please arrive at the guesthouse for checking in by 10 pm at the latest. At 10 pm the guesthouse door will be closed for check-in guests. If you have a problem meeting this deadline, please phone us on 011 + 788 5099; or 81 + 11 + 788 5099.

On checking in, guests are issued with a card key with which they can get into the guesthouse at any time.


Hokkaido Sun Guest House is in the northern area of Sapporo and adjacent to the campus of Hokkaido University (Hokkaidō daigaku), or Hokudai.

We are 2.4 kilometres north of JR Sapporo Station in central Sapporo, and a five-minute walk from Kita-24-jo subway station on the Namboku Line (North-South line) of the Sapporo Municipal Subway system.

At Kita-24-jo subway station there is a terminus for frequent (Hokkaidō Chūō Bus/Hokuto Kotsu Bus joint) buses that directly serve Sapporo’s New Chitose Airport. Please see the bus timetable here: http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/access/bus/timebusc/.

The bus takes just over an hour to travel the 45 kilometres between New Chitose Airport and Kita-24-jo subway station, the fare being 1,030 yen.

An English-language map which shows the precise location of Hokkaido Sun Guest House, the surrounding area and Kita-24-jo subway station can be found here:


Getting from Kita-24-jo subway station to Hokkaido Sun Guest House



Hokkaido Sun Guest House is about a five-minute walk from Kita-24-jo subway station, where there is a terminus for buses that serve Sapporo’s New Chitose Airport.

For Hokkaido Sun Guest House, leave Kita-24-jo subway station by the south exit (Exit 4).

On leaving the subway station at street level – at North Pacific Bank – turn left and walk along past two street intersections.

Just before the third street intersection, there is an access road on the right-hand side with a coin operated car parking area at the near corner.

Turn into this access road, and a short distance ahead there is a driveway to our clearly sign-posted Hokkaido Sun Guest House.

Getting to Sapporo

Information about travelling to Sapporo from within and outside Japan can be found here:


By Air

Sapporo has two airports: Sapporo Okadama Airport and New Chitose Airport.
Sapporo Okadama Airport is within the Sapporo city, and about 20 minutes by car from the city centre. It is served by domestic flights only. Hokkaido Air System (HAC) operates routes that connect Sapporo with Hakodate Airport (about 40 minutes flight time), Kushiro (about 45 minutes flight time), Rishiri (about 60 minutes flight time), and Misawa (about 60 minutes flight time).
New Chitose Airport is about 45 kilometres southeast of Sapporo city centre, and is served by both domestic and international flights.

New Chitose Airport is connected by direct flights to thirty airports in Japan, including Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), Narita International Airport (Tokyo), Chubu International Airport, Kansai International Airport (Osaka), Fukuoka Airport, Naha Airport; and to many airports in other countries, including Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea), Gimhae International Airport (Busan, South Korea), Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei, Taiwan), Beijing Capital International Airport (China), Shanghai Pudong International Airport (China), Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (China), Hong Kong International Airport (China), Guam International Airport (Guam), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport (Russia), Honolulu International Airport (Hawaii), and Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok, Thailand).

Information about the airports with which New Chitose Airport is connected and the available airlines and flights can be found here: http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/

Information about travelling between New Chitose Airport and Sapporo by train (JR Sapporo Station via JR Hokkaido), by bus, by road, and by taxi can be found here: http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/access/.

As well as the frequent (Hokkaidō Chūō Bus/Hokuto Kotsu joint) bus service between New Chitose Airport and various places in Sapporo, including Kita-24-jo subway station (which is a five-minute walk from Hokkaido Sun Guest House), New Chitose Airport is linked to JR Sapporo Station in central Sapporo by JR Hokkaido’s Rapid Airport Express train.

The Rapid Airport Express train takes under 40 minutes between New Chitose Airport and JR Sapporo Station, the cost being 1,070 yen (plus an optional 310 yen for a reserved seat) for an adult (half price for a child).

JR Sapporo Station in central Sapporo is connected to the Sapporo Municipal Subway system, of which the Namboku Line (North-South line) can be taken to Kita-24-jo subway station, which is a five-minute walk from Hokkaido Sun Guest House.

By Rail

JR Sapporo Station (,Sapporo-eki) is a railway station in Chūō-ku, in central Sapporo. It is served by Hakodate Main Line and other lines of Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido), and is also connected to the Sapporo Municipal Subway system.

JR Sapporo Station is the starting point and terminus for the limited expresses of JR Hokkaido.

A number of JR Hokkaido lines and trains pass through or terminate at JR Sapporo Station.

Hakodate Main Line:

Okhotsk limited express (Sapporo – Abashiri)
Sarobetsu limited express (Sapporo – Wakkanai)
Super Kamui limited express (Sapporo – Asahikawa)
Super Sōya limited express (Sapporo – Wakkanai)
Ishikari Liner rapid service (Otaru – Sapporo – Takikawa)
Niseko Liner rapid service (Rankoshi, Kutchan – Sapporo)

Chitose Line:

Hokuto limited express (Hakodate – Sapporo)
Super Hokuto limited express (Hakodate – Sapporo)
Super Ōzora limited express (Sapporo – Kushiro)
Super Tokachi limited express (Sapporo – Obihiro)
Suzuran limited express (Muroran – Sapporo)
Cassiopeia all sleeping car overnight limited express (Ueno – Sapporo)
Hokutosei all sleeping car overnight limited express (Ueno – Sapporo)
Hamanasu overnight express (Aomori – Sapporo)
Airport rapid service (Shin-Chitose-Kuko – Sapporo – Otaru)
Sasshō Line (Gakuen Toshi Line)

JR Sapporo Station is connected to the Sapporo Municipal Subway system, which consists of three lines: the green Namboku Line (North-South line), the orange Tozai Line (East-West line), and the blue Tōhō Line. The three lines all connect at Sapporo Station with the JR Hokkaido main lines. The system operates out of two main hubs: Sapporo Station and Odori Station. At Odori Station and Susukino Stations, the system is connected to Sapporo’s tram (streetcar) system above ground.

For Hokkaido Sun Guest House, at JR Sapporo Station take the Azabu-bound Namboku Line (North-South line) and get off after about five minutes at Kita 24-jo, the third station, the fare being 200 yen.

Hokkaido Sun Guest House is a five-minute walk from Kita-24-jo subway station.

Sapporo Subway Map

On the subway map below, Kita-24-jo subway station is shown as Kita nijuyon jo.


By Road

Inter-city bus services link Sapporo with other major cities in Hokkaido, including Asahikawa (just over 2 hours), Hakodate (4 hours and 45 minutes), Wakkanai (6 hours), Obihiro (3 hours and 30 minutes), and Kushiro (3 hours and 30 minutes).

Motor vehicle (car, motor cycle, etc.) carrying ferries link Hokkaido and Honshu via ferry terminals at Otaru (about 30 minutes from Sapporo by car) and Tomakomai (West Port and East Port), which is about 60 minutes from Sapporo by car.

Further Information

Hokkaido Sun Guest House is within easy reach of not only Hokkaido University, but also shops, malls, convenience stores, and restaurants.

There are several rental car outlets not far from the guesthouse. In particular, the Kita Nijuichi-jo premises of Nippon Rent-A-Car is just 6 minutes walk away. Please see:


The guesthouse is air-conditioned and maintained at a comfortable temperature throughout.

There are two floors to Hokkaido Sun Guest House.

On the first (lower) floor, there is a lounge, a toilet, and a five-futon mixed sleeping section. The lounge can be used by guests at any time up to lights out (11 pm), and for food consumption purposes.

On the second (upper) floor, there is a six-bed women only sleeping section, a six-bed mixed sleeping section, two toilets, two showers, and coin operated laundry and drying machines.

Each six-bed sleeping section has single bunk beds that are separated from each other by partitions and curtains to ensure the greatest possible privacy.

The minimum age of guests is 5 years. Children under 5 years are not allowed. There are no special prices for children (5 years to 16 years). Children are charged at the full adult rate.

We provide a simple free-of-charge breakfast, which all guests are welcome to consume in the lounge.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside Hokkaido Sun Guest House.






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